Privacy Policy

The domain name is an internet-based portal & Tarmata a mobile application that is owned by ItsPossible Services Pvt Ltd.
Privacy Policy explains, how Tarmata App handles personal information, and complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act.

1. Information Collection:

Tarmata App only collects your personal information that is necessary for business purposes. We collect Personal information that is directly or indirectly connected to a Person which helps Tarmata to identify the person’s identity. We endeavor at all times, to collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner, and to meet our Tarmata App user’s expectations that we will respect the right to control, how their personal information is collected & used. We only collect your information, to enable us to deliver or improve our service. We don’t sell your correspondence information to third parties.

2. Marketing Activities:

Tarmata App manages communication with users, prospective and users, according to its privacy policy. We understand & respect individual choices, about being contacted for marketing purpose.

3. Personal Information Storage Security:

Tarmata App endeavor to take all reasonable steps, to keep secure any information that we hold about you, and to keep this information accurate, and up to date. Tarmata App uses a sophisticated computer data network, and all access to the computers, and system devices are password controlled.

4. Location Information Collection:

Our application contains real-time information, about the location of your device, as permitted by you.

5. The last URL of deal visited:

The URL of the last deals, you visited on our app.

6. Your preferences:

We keep records of your preferences, and settings, such as location.

7. Your activity on Tarmata:

Information about your activity on Tarmata, such as your search queries, search results selected, pages viewed, and the order of those pages, the date and time you used the Services, and other similar information.

8. Mobile Status:

We keep the records of mobile application users, the online or offline status of your application.

9. Email Communication:

Tarmata will communicate with you, through the email you have specified. Your email address will not be shared, with the third parties. We will use your email id, for below-mentioned information:

  • Sending the newsletter that you have subscribed to.
  • For booking related communication.
  • For payment related communication.
  • New promotions/services/occasional announcement.

10. Future changes:

Our commitment to continually improve our services, means that our business will continue to evolve, as we respond to customer needs. Due to this, our policies will be reviewed, and may be revised from time to time. Changes to Tarmata App’s Privacy Policy will be made by posting an updated version of the policy, on our website/app.